Some words from 813 Athletes:

Before Gene: barely walked a mile without feeling miserable.  After Gene: now running 3-6 miles is my daily norm…and not only that, but I went from an 11 minute mile to an 8 minute mile.  His motivation, technique tips, and overall strategy helped to push me to succeed in races and triathlons almost every weekend!  He makes running fun, yet challenging!   –  Mandi

Gene provides a good balance of short distance, long distance, and speed work in my training regimen.  He works with his runners by meeting them where they are and creating a detailed training plan to help them meet their running goals.  Since training with Gene, I have shaved about 1 and ½ minutes per mile off of my 5 K pace, and am feeling confident about running my first ½ marathon in November!  –  Kelly

With Gene’s coaching and expertise not only did I become a faster runner, I also became a stronger, smarter and educated runner.  He knows exactly when to push the workouts and mileage and when to back off so that you are ready to build towards your next peak. Gene is an outstanding runner, and a very knowledgeable running coach. I can’t say enough good things about Gene.  I’d highly recommend him to someone who is serious about taking their running to the next level. I can’t think of a better person to guide both beginning and experienced runners.  – Javier

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