Uwharrie 2012

Gene Meade


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2 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hi Gene. It may a bit late for your assistance with my HIM training in end Sept however I’m in need of some kind of tri coaching. This is my second year of tri and although I’m good about working out everyday, I don’t push myself either with endurance or power. I would love to hear about your coaching approach as you’ve been recommended by few tri folks.

    1. Junghee,

      Thank you so much for reaching out! My coaching is a mixture of science based training along with strong athlete feedback. I am a firm believer in a cycle of 2-3 weeks of building followed by a week of recovery to allow the body time to recover and adapt. I use a combination of endurance, tempo and speed work across all three disciplines to help athletes achieve their goals. I also work on mental training and nutrition. I am extremely available for all my clients, both day and night and I try to have a least one workout per week with you in person. If you are available tomorrow or Sunday afternoon to chat in person, I would love to talk with you. Text me at 919-586-4891.

      Coach G

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