Training in the Rain = Gain

rain puddle

Last week I had two of my athletes run 440 repeats out in the pouring rain. Initially, they were not very happy with me at all, but once they understood there was a method to my madness, they felt better about the workout. (especially when it was over!) You never know what the weather will be on race day, so it is wise to train in all types of conditions. If you have never ran in the rain during training and it is coming down in buckets on race day, you will have no prior knowledge about how your body (and brain) will handle the conditions. Wet sock and shoes, blisters, chafing, rain in your eyes, slick surfaces and general discomfort are just a few of the issues you will encounter. Not letting the rain (or other less than desirable conditions) affect you mentally will be a huge plus in helping you stay on track and achieving your goal on race day!

So the next time you wake up and hear the rain splattering against your window, don’t roll over and hide underneath the covers. Get out there and embrace the conditions. It will pay off one day!


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