Summer Heat!

I have had a lot of my runners complain about not being able to maintain their training paces in the warmer summer months.  The Tinman Heat Index chart is informative and a great reminder about how much your pace is affected by the heat and humidity!

Tinman’s Heat index chart

Try to fit in your runs in the early morning or late evening to beat the heat. Stay hydrated both before and after your workout and listen to your body! Back off the pace and refer to Timan’s chart. When that first cool day of autumn rolls in you will feel like a beast out there!


Coach G


Spring Training Package!

Spring is right around the corner. So are spring races! What better time to get motivated and moving on your goals for 2016! 813 Coaching has a limited number of openings available for motivated individuals who want become better runners. Whether you are focusing on you first 5K, a PR for a  half or full marathon or moving up to ultra distance, 813 can help you reach your goal!

I am offering a special Spring training package:

3 month training plan                      Run Specific Weight Training

Video gait analysis                             Unlimited access to Coach G

Nutritional advice (Including support for plant based athletes)

Weekly Supervised workouts (Local runners only)

I am now offering this package for $215.00 Normally I would charge $255.00, so you save over 15%!


Not local to the Triangle, NC area? Ask about my  web based “e-training” training!

A brief bio of Coach G from the Meredith College Website:


For more information or to purchase a training package, contact me at:

*Offer valid through 12/31/2015




Progress Through Consistency

Team 813 has kept a busy race schedule so far this year! The main focus is always smart training and recovery. Think about where your training will take you if you stayed injury free and had consistent training for an entire year. A little bit of wisdom I learned from Coach Greg McMillan!

Coach Mac

My runners and athletes are successful because they are able to train consistently and stay injury free. If this sounds good to you, contact me at today for a free consultation!

Here is a little bit of what 813 Coaching’s athletes have been up to:

Diana half Quay 813 Krista and Meb Quay Ag wins photo(23) photo(24) Ted Ag winJenn 813photo(25)

813 Athlete of the Month

December’s Athlete of the month is Meghan!


Meghan recently ran the Ridgewood Turkey Trot 8K in a time of 39:57, shaving over 2 minutes off her time from last year. Her consistent training and hard work has paid off!

Congratulations Meghan! You are the 813 Athlete of the month!

Hills are your friend


All 813 athletes go through hill training. I find it is a great way to build leg strength and work on leg turnover without the pounding of flat speed work. It also helps take the fear out of running hills! If you suffer through a brutal hill repeat workout in training, you will not be so intimidated by a hill during a race.  You will also become a faster runner by incorporating hill work in your training!

Live near the coast and can’t find a hill? Find a bridge. Friends of mine in Florida do hill workouts by running bridges using a tire drag. Can’t find a bridge? Find some stairs.

My runners may complain a bit (once they can breathe again) about our hill workouts, but they do not complain on race day when they are passing people on a climb.

I also find that chanting the 813 Coaching mantra “Hills are my friend” during a hill workout definitely helps you get through the pain!

Coach G